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About Psychic Teacher- Charles Cox

There wasn’t any one event that pushed me onto my spiritual journey. I remember always being interested in spiritual things even as a small child. I was already studying with Spiritualist Ministers in my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska while still a junior in high school. Every Thursday evening I attended a developmental circle where aspiring Mediums like myself practiced giving messages from ‘the other side’.

Life led me to Denver at age 18. Immediately I began to take classes with spiritual teachers in the area. A metaphysical bookstore on the north side of town eventually became my favorite place to hang out for classes. Within a year, I read as a student reader at a psychic fair and went on to work as a psychic medium in that same store. Over the next 10 years, I was blessed to work with a host of spiritual, new age and new-thought teachers who openly shared all they knew to a young man who couldn’t get enough of their teaching and insights.

In 2009 I founded The Denver Psychic Development Group which has grown to be the largest psychic development meetup in the world. In addition to teaching classes I read for clients, some of whom have been with me for years. I believe my success in teaching, and with Spirit Mediumship work for clients, has been based on my desire to speak a simple message of love, healing and forgiveness. Our friends and loved ones who have died have only surrendered their physical bodies. Their spiritual essence lives on.

Developing your psychic abilities is like developing any other skill, the more experience you have practicing the better you'll understand your natural abilities.

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